The Arctic Science Partnership (ASP) - a New International Network to Examine the Effects of Arctic Climate Change.
Barber, Lucette; Rysgaard, Soeren; Barber, David
University of Manitoba, CANADA

Climate change is well underway in the polar regions of our Planet. Space programs (such as ESA) are providing key earth observation technologies required to understand the changes currently underway. Surface validation of these space assets is a key requirement for the scientific and operational use of remote sensing data. In this poster we present a new partnership between Aarhus University (Denmark), Greenland Climate Research Centre (Greenland) and the University of Manitoba (Canada) who have joined forces to study the impacts of climate change in the Arctic. The partnership merges over 350 scientists from 20 different research centres and coordinates field programs in Greenland, Canada and including a unique artificial sea ice microcosm known as the Sea Ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF) located on the University of Manitoba campus. We describe the nature of this partnership, indicate how Earth Observations of the cryosphere play a role in this research and describe the outreach programs that inform the public and policy makers about the results emerging from this international partnership.