Aviso: Altimetry Products and Services in 2013
Rosmorduc, Vinca1; Bronner, Emilie2; Maheu, Caroline1; Mertz, Françoise1

Since the launch of Topex/Poseidon, more than 20 years ago, satellite altimetry has evolved in parallel with the user community and oceanography. As a result of this evolution, we now have:
- A bigger choice of products, more and more easy-to-use, spanning complete GDRs to pre-computed sea level anomalies and gridded datasets and indicators such as MSL index or ENSO index.
- a mature approach, combining altimetric data from various satellites and merging data acquired using different observation techniques, including altimetry, to give us a global view of the ocean;
- data available in real or near-real time for operational use.
Different services are available either to choose between the various datasets, or to download, extract or even visualize the data. An Ipad-Iphone application, AvisOcean has also been opened in September 2012, for information about the data and their updates.

2013 will see major changes in Aviso data distribution, both in data products themselves and in their distribution, including an online extraction tool in preparation (Online Data Extraction Service). An overview of available products & services, how to access them today, will be presented.