Improvements in Point Density and Reliability in Radar Interferometry Deformation Maps
van der Torren, Piers Titus; Ianoschi, Raluca; Leezenberg, Pieter Bas
Hansje Brinker B.V., NETHERLANDS

Hansje Brinker applies radar interferometry to characterize infrastructure deformation for customers all over the world. We make continuous progress in the development of new techniques.
In this contribution, we present a number of examples where new technical developments have significantly improved the deformation measurement product.

Some recent breakthroughs are:

  • Sophisticated signal propagation modelling leading to measurements under a sidelobes, providing better coverage of crucial areas. We show application to a sluice and lock complex with strong interference from surrounding industrial complexes.
  • Point scatterer discovery based on an idealized scatter model, resulting in strongly improved geo-localisation and higher reliability, shown with an application in the historical center of Amsterdam
  • Flexible network construction and testing allow for reliable connection of difficult geometries. This helps to connect for example the Dutch Wadden islands to the mainland over distances up to 25 km.

    Together, these methodologies illustrate how Hansje Brinker continuously improves on the reliability, scalability and applicability of satellite radar interferometry in monitoring deformation of crucial infrastructure.