Analysis of Submillimetre-Wave Measurements of the UTLS Region during the ESA Sounder Campaign 2011
Gerber, Daniel1; Moyna, Brian1; Oldfield, Matthew1; Rea, Simon1; Siddans, Richard1; Kerridge, Brian1; Woiwode, Wolfgang2; Oelhaf, Hermann2; Castelli, Elisa3; Dinelli, Bianca Maria3; Del Bianco, Samuele4; Cortesi, Ugo4
1RAL Space, Harwell Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM; 2KIT, Karlsruhe, GERMANY; 3ISAC-CNR, Bologna, ITALY; 4IFAC-CNR, Florence, ITALY

We report on the analysis of submillimetre-wave measurements of the upper troposphere - lower stratosphere (UTLS) region performed by the MARSCHALS instrument in the ESA Sounder Campaign (ESSenCe). In the framework of ESSenCe two science flights were performed from Kiruna (Sweden, 67N) in December 2011. The platform was the Russian high-altitude aircraft M55 Geophysica, which apart from MARSCHALS also hosted the infrared limb-sounders MIPAS-Str and GLORIA-AB, as well as a number of in situ instruments. We report on the data acquisition of MARSCHALS both in terms of the quality of the acquired spectra, as well as presenting retrieved mixing ratio profiles of O3, H2O and HNO3 along the flight track. The retrieved cross-sections are compared with correlative data from other remote-sensing instruments aboard the Geophysica, as well as atmospheric models (both CTM and Lagrangian). We also present a joint-retrieval method where submillimetre-wave measurements by MARSCHALS and infrared measurement by MIPAS-Str (the only infrared dataset to cover the full flight duration) are analysed simultaneously. This work is in direct support of the proposed Earth Explorer 7 Mission PREMIER, whose mission concept hinges on the exploitation of symbiotic benefits between infrared and millimetre-wave techniques.