Development of SCIAMACHY Operational ESA Level 2 Version 6 Products
Eichmann, Kai-Uwe1; Bovensmann, H.1; NoŽl, S.1; Richter, A.1; Wittrock, F.1; Buchwitz, M.1; Rozanov, A.1; Kokhanovsky, A.1; Burrows, J.P.1; Lerot, C.2; Van Roozendael, M.2; Tilstra, L.G:3; Snel, R.4; Krijger, J.M.4; Lichtenberg, G.5; Doicu, A.5; Schreier, F.5; Hrechanyy, S.5; Gimeno-Garcia, S.5; Kretschel, K.5; Meringer, M.5; Hess, M.5; Gottwald, M.5; Dehn, A.6; Fehr, T.6; Brizzi, G.7
1Institute of Environmental Physics, GERMANY; 2Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB-BIRA), BELGIUM; 3Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), NETHERLANDS; 4Netherlands Institute for Space Research (SRON), NETHERLANDS; 5Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF-DLR), GERMANY; 6ESA/ESRIN, ITALY; 7Serco, ITALY

Since the establishment of the SCIAMACHY Quality Working Group (SQWG) in a joint inter-agency ESA-DLR-NSO effort in late 2006, the ESA operational Level 2 processor was significantly improved w.r.t. data quality and the product list was substantially enhanced with new parameters. The version 5 of the operational Level 2 product is now containing nadir total columns of O3, NO2, SO2, BrO, OClO (slant only), H2O, CO as well as the Absorbing Aerosol Index. In limb mode, stratospheric profiles of O3, NO2 and BrO as well as tropospheric cloud flags and top height information are available. In addition, the Quality Working Group has prepared the next product version 6. This new version includes in nadir mode total columns of HCHO, CHOCHO, CH4, tropospheric columns of NO2 as well as improved cloud identification over ice/snow and AAI product. In limb mode main developments are the extension of the O3 profile to the mesosphere and the mesospheric cloud detection. This paper will summarise the key characteristics of the Level 2 version 5 and 6.