A Constellation of Low-Cost Semi-Active SAR Satellites for Oil Spill and Ship Detection in the Equatorial Region
Lawal, Abdul Duane
University of Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM

The environmental disasters experience as a result of oil spill was recently epitomize by the event that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. Although there has not been a major oil spill oil spill disaster reported with the Gulf of Guinea, despite the high level of oil activities with the region, it is necessary to introduce efficient methods of ensuring a continuous hazard free environment for the marine life. In view of the aforementioned, a system of detection oil spill and ship detection becomes paramount. This study examines the use of a constellation of SAR satellites in a semi-active configuration, conducting interferometric operations for oil spill and ship detection within the Equatorial Region. The proposed mission derives relevance from ideal operational requirements, such as high temporal and image resolutions, low cost mission and near 24 hours imaging capabilities. It discusses the conditions necessary to meet the various mission requirements with highlighting the system parameter necessary to obtain stable baselines between various spacecraft within the constellation.