DEM Generation from Stereo Satellite SAR Images
Weydahl, Dan Johan; Eldhuset, Knut
Norwegain Defence Research Establishment, NORWAY

It is today possible to combine different satellite SAR imaging modes and sensors in order to generate digital elevation models (DEMs) using various stereo-viewing configurations. We have investigated several satellite SAR sensors (Radarsat-2, TerraSAR-X, COSMO-SkyMed) and image modes and compared the resulting DEMs with reference DEMs over urban areas, forested regions and open agricultural landscape. We will present some results when setting up some interesting combinations of sensors and modes. Results are compared with high resolution reference maps and differential GPS measurements. We are finally giving some recommendations and future perpective.

[1:50000 topographic map]

[Radarsat-2 stereo DEM from UltraFine mode using 10 m grid]