Time Series Analyses of the Multi-Sensor Reanalysis (MSR) Ozone Data Record
van der A, Ronald; Allaart, Marc; Eskes, Henk; de Laat, Jos; Knibbe, Jurrien; van Weele, Michiel

For the period 1978-2008 an ozone record is created by assimilating all available total ozone observations from 10 different UV/VIS satellite instruments (TOMS-Nimbus, TOMS-EP, SBUV-7, -9a, -9d, -11, -16, GOME, SCIAMACHY, OMI and GOME-2). Using all Brewer/Dobson ground measurements from WOUDC, the satellite observations are corrected for biases as function of solar zenith angle, viewing angle, time, and stratospheric temperature. Subsequently the corrected satellite data are assimilated within the chemistry-transport model TM driven by meteorological analyses of ECMWF. This resulted in a multi-sensor re-analysis (MSR) of global ozone for the period 1978-2008. The ozone MSR data has been extended to 2012 with SCIAMACHY and GOME-2 data that have been corrected and assimilated in a similar way as for the multi-sensor data. This extended ozone MSR and its intercomparison with the SPARC AC&C ozone data will be discussed. The ozone MSR has been analyzed with a multiple regression fit against proxy variables on a spatial grid of 1 by 1 degree. The trend in chemical depletion and recovery of ozone in the last 35 years has been derived. The spatial distribution of the derived trends and ozone proxies will be shown.