Author Guidelines  

Author Guidelines:

Oral Presentations

An author preparation area equipped with computers with the same configuration of the session rooms is available for the authors to check their presentations.
Presenters are advised to check in this area well in advance of their presentation if formulas/animations are shown correctly.
Presenters should be in their session room 20 minutes before the session begins to meet with the session chair, who should be near the stage/lectern.
Presentations shall be uploaded to the computer in the session room before session start. The computer will contain a folder with the session name.

Presentations should be in MS PowerPoint or Acrobat pdf. Presenters are allowed 20 minutes for presentation, including questions. Chairs will give a 2-minute warning to wrap-up.

Use of standard True Type fonts is suggested for PowerPoint presentations. In the case the ppt contains a video or animation, please ensure that both files (Power Point and video - MPG AVI) are in the same folder.

As a baseline, presentations from personal laptops are not allowed, to ensure a smooth programme running and to minimise transition time between presentations. The possibility to present from PCs other than the session room PC is not foreseen.

PPT Template
Please click here to download the ppt template

Full Paper Instructions
Please click here to download the Author Instructions (PDF Format).
Please click here for the full paper template in word format

Poster Presentations
For each poster abstract, one poster board in portrait format is reserved with a clear dimension of 80 cm (width) x 180 cm (height). All the material necessary for sticking the poster to the board will be made available on site.
On the day of their poster presentation, authors are requested to mount their posters starting from 08:00 and remove them by 19:00. Posters not removed by 19:00 will be disposed of.
Authors are invited to be on stand-by close to their posters during the breaks. The dedicated poster session is scheduled every day (Tuesday to Thursday) from 17:00 to 19:00.

Authors can also prepare a presentation of 2-3 slides which, in case of no shows from presenters in the oral sessions, can be presented (upon invitation of the chairs) during the corresponding oral session. Furthermore poster authors have been invited to upload additional information in .pdf about the poster, with deadline 2nd of September. During the 3 days of the poster session a QR code associated to the poster panel will allow all participants to access such additional contents.
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