GOCE PDGS L1 and L2 Processing Status
Frommknecht, Bjoern1; Meloni, Marco2; Mizzi, Loretta3; Bigazzi, Alberto2; Floberghagen, Rune1
1ESA/ESRIN, ITALY; 2Serco S.p.a., ITALY; 3Telespazio S.p.a, ITALY

The GOCE mission is in orbit since spring 2009 and is systematically collecting gravity gradients from space. As of today about 28 months of high quality gravity field data have been observed enabling to estimate the static gravity field of the Earth solely from satellite data with a spatial resolution of about 100 km and an accuracy of a few centimetres globally. Currently GOCE is in its extended mission, which is planned to last well into 2013. This paper gives and overview of the Level 1b and Level 2 processing status in terms of data availbility and completeness. In addition an outline on the data processing plans for the final phase of the mission and beyond is given.