Envisat Ozone Limb/occulation Ozone Profile Comparisons to Other Concurrent Long-term Satellite Data
Rahpoe, Nabiz1; Rozanov, A.1; Weber, M.1; Weigel, K.1; Kyrölä, E.2; Soviefa, V.2; Laeng, A.3; Stiller, G.3; von Clarmann, T.3; Urban, J.4; Bathgate, T.5; Degenstein, D.5; Walker, K.6; Tamminen, J.2
1IUP, GERMANY; 2FMI, FINLAND; 3IMK, GERMANY; 4Chalmers, SWEDEN; 5Saskatchewan, CANADA; 6Univ Toronto, CANADA

As part of ESA's climate change initiative (CCI) on ozone (O3-CCI) a merging of high vertical resolution ozone profiles from GOMOS, MIPAS, and SCIAMACHY, all aboard ESA's Envisat in combination with ESA's third party missions (ESA-TPM) like ACE-FTS, SMR, and OSIRIS are planned in order to create an essential climate variable (ECV) data record from the last decade. As a first step before merging the various data sets, statistical methods and detailed consistency checks are done to characterise and compare the data. Investigation include bias and drift analysis, and signature of short term variability. Such a diagnosis is useful to identify strengths and weaknesses of each of the data sets that may vary in time.