Proba-V - the Operational Setup as an EOP Mission
Hoersch, Bianca; Leone, Rosemarie

The Programme Proposal for the ''PROBA-V Exploitation Phase (Phase E)'' proposed as a new element under the ESA European Earth Watch Programme, has been approved by the PB-EO in May 2012. As a result, Proba-V The PROBA-V mission is currently being developed by ESA's D/TEC as part of the overall GSTP/IOD Programme implemented by TEC. Responsibility of the mission is planned to be handed over to the Directorate of Earth Observation (D/EOP) for operations during Phase E2, pending successful in-orbit-commisioning review and handover at the end of the Commissioning Phase. The presentation will provide an overview on the operational setup of the Proba-V mission as an ESA Earthwatch mission.