Review of the Terrestrial Activities of ESA and Outside of the Agency
Labonté, Françoise1; Goryl, Philippe2; Gascon, Ferran2

Within the frame of ESA missions, a critical review of the terrestrial activities is being conducted in order to identify requirements for future ESA terrestrial products. This review will identify the strengths and gaps, as well as capabilities, actions related to user requirements and future products evolution (and the related Calibration/Validation), and propose a way forward. As part of this review, the requirements and outcomes from numerous sources will be considered: Envisat and Sentinel 2/3 Mission Requirement Documents (MRDs) and Cal/Val plans; ESA Data User Element (DUE) and ESA Support to Science Element (STSE) project results; ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) land projects; Sen4Sci and the Sentinel-2 Workshop and AATSR/MERIS/OLCI/SLSTR Workshop recommendations; the Eumetsat Satellite Application Facilities (SAF) activities; and the CEOS/WGCV sub-group activities. A summary of the preliminary findings will be presented.