A Complete Characterization of the Odin-OSIRIS Ozone Data Set
Sioris, Christopher1; McLinden, Chris2; Degenstein, Doug1; Bourassa, Adam1
1University Of Saskatchewan, CANADA; 2Environment Canada, CANADA

The Optical Spectrograph and InfraRed Imager (OSIRIS) ozone data set has undergone a thorough validation and characterization process over the past two years. This work was undertaken as a result of initiatives like the Si2N, the SPARC-DI, SPIN and the ozone_cci. OSIRIS has been in full operation for twelve years and has created one of the longest data records of vertically resolved ozone profiles. Consequently these fully characterized time series are valuable for the above mentioned initiatives. This paper details the comparisons with measurements made by other satellite instruments and with ozonesondes. The comparisons take on many forms including point by point comparisons, comparisons of zonal average and comparisons of trends produced by individual and merged data sets. As a result of this work the OSIRIS data set is now fully characterized and ready for use.