Tropical Lower Stratospheric Trends in Ozone as Observed by Odin-OSIRIS and SAGE II
Degenstein, Doug1; Sioris, Christopher1; McLinden, Christopher2; Adams, Cristen1; Bourassa, Adam1
1University Of Saskatchewan, CANADA; 2Environment Canada, CANADA

The Optical Spectrograph and InfraRed Imager System (OSIRIS) has been in full operation since the autumn of 2001 and therefore has a nearly twelve year time series of vertically resolved ozone profiles. These ozone measurements have been merged with the SAGE II time series for the purpose of trend analysis over two and a half solar cycles in the tropical lower stratosphere. This paper will detail the method used to perform the trend analysis and present results related to a significant negative trend in the 17-25 km altitude range that underlies strong variations due to El Nino Southern Oscillations, the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation and the seasonal cycle.