Your World on Demand: Skybox Imaging's Constellation-As-A-Service for Timely High-Resolution Imagery & HD Video
Leslie, Brian; Clark, John
Skybox Imaging, Inc., UNITED STATES

With the on-orbit deployment of SkySat-1 and SkySat-2 by Q4 of 2013, Skybox will initiate operation of the world's first coordinated very high resolution (VHR) imaging constellation coupled with an internet-scale data analytics platform. Expanded to 20+ satellites by 2018, the Skybox constellation will deliver VHR imagery to rapid response operations with unprecedented reliability and timeliness. Intra-day revisit will support a wide range of operational, scientific, and environmental applications, many of which have yet to be realized. This presentation will provide an overview of the imaging, ground processing, and operational capabilities of Skybox to serve these applications.