Advanced ATSR World Fire Atlas Based on SWIR channel: 20 Years of Fire Monitoring
Ramoino, Fabrizio1; Arino, Olivier2; Serpe, Danilo1; Casadio, Stefano1

A new fire detection algorithm ALGO3, has been tested and validated for ATSR-1/-2 and AATSR. This extends the ATSR World Fire Atlas to 20 years of global night-time fire series (Arino, Casadio and Serpe, 2011). Based on detection of the ATSRs 1.6 μm SWIR band radiances during night-time observations, ALGO3 fully extends the WFA time series back to 1991 using the ATSR-1 measurements. But the ALGO3 can only be used outside the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) zone of influence (Casadio and Arino, 2011). The detection capability of ALGO3 has been estimated in certain case to be an order of magnitude more efficient than the 3.7 μm algorithms (ALGO1/2). The validation has been performed comparing ALGO3 products with respect to the ones generates by MODIS and historical ATSR World Fire Atlas ALGO1 and ALGO2. Global night-time fire trends have been evaluated by inspecting the time series of hot spots aggregated at Continental and Country scale. The Advanced ATSR World Fire Atlas products covering 20 years of global night-time fire monitoring, generated applying ALGO3, will be soon freely available for the scientific community on our Web site. First users feedback are been discussed in this article.