DORIS-DIODE / SENTINEL-3 : 2.5 Centimeters Orbits Available for Real-Time Processing
JAYLES, Christian1; CHAUVEAU, Jean-Pierre2; AURIOL, Albert1; TOURAIN, Cedric1; TOURAIN, Cedric1; DIDELOT, Francois3

One of the most amazing inheritage of the current altimetry missions (Jason, CryoSat, not forgetting the pioneers TOPEX-Poseidon and EnviSat) is that real-time orbits are now computed on-board in real-time with a very good accuracy, down to 2.7 cm RMS on board DORIS/Jason-2. French Earth Observation Pleiades mission has contributed to this evolution by giving a strong robustness to this software series, and to the DORIS receiver. In parallel, on-ground, an efficient integrity team has been set to check each day the good health of the DORIS system. With enhanced algorithms, the Sentinel-3 DIODE version will provide spacecraft, ground-system and users with real-time information probably below 2.5 centimeters RMS on the Radial component. New algorithms will be described and results of the current Sentinel-3 DIODE version will be detailed in the paper.