Deimos-2: Cost-Effective, Very-High Resolution Multispectral Imagery
Pirondini, Fabrizio1; Romo, Alfredo1; Lozano, Francisco J.1; González, Enrique2; Quirce, Jesús2

ELECNOR DEIMOS Imaging (Spain) owns and operates Deimos-1, the first Spanish Earth Observation satellite, which is a GMES/Copernicus Third Party Mission. Launched in 2009, Deimos-1 satellite is among the world leading sources of high resolution data, having provided yearly coverages of sub-Saharian Africa to GMES in 2010 and 2011. The ELECNOR DEIMOS group is currently building the Deimos-2 satellite, which will be a very-high resolution, agile satellite capable of providing 75-cm pan-sharpened, 1m Pan and 4-m multispectral (4 bands) imagery, with a 12km-wide swath. The launch is currently scheduled for December 2013. The whole end-to-end Deimos-2 system has been designed to provide a cost-effective and highly responsive service to cope with the increasing need of fast access to very-high resolution imagery. The satellite is being developed together with SATREC-i (South Korea), and it will be integrated and tested in the new ELECNOR DEIMOS Satellite Systems premises in Puertollano (Spain) in early 2013. The ground segment, which includes a receiving/commanding ground station in Spain and one in Norway, is being completely developed in-house by ELECNOR DEIMOS. Deimos-2 aims at becoming one of the key Third Party Missions for the next round of the GMES/Copernicus Data Warehouse, being the only European satellite together with Pleiades capable of providing sub-metric multispectral imagery. In this paper we will describe the main features of the Deimos-2 system, with details on the expected image quality and provide updated information on the development and launch schedule.