Marine Collaborative Ground Segment: Overview of the Wind-Wave-Current Platform
Fabry, P.; Kerbaol, V.; Amarouche, L.

MCGS is a project aimed at making the most of ESA Sentinels satellites' potential for users driven services based on high level products. MCGS addresses the need of the European Space Agency to build up data processing centers in conjunction with the GMES Program for the provision of services to local and national, public and private European institutions or entities involved in marine activities. For its innovative content, MCGS has been nominated by the professional clusters "pole Mer PACA", "pole Mer Bretagne" & "Aerospace Valley".
Lead by ACRI-ST and involving 8 French organisations specialised in space oceanography (ACRI-ST, CLS, IFREMER, SHOM, GIS-COOC/LOV, GIS-BRETEL, LEGOS, AS+), MCGS is currently developping satellite-based services through three dedicated processing centres, complementing the Sentinel "core products", in a collaborative approach with ESA/EUMETSAT: an ocean colour radiometry platform (Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-2), a topography platform (Sentinel-3), and a wind/wave/current platform (Sentinel-1). It will provide environmental information for operational monitoring & support, optimisation of human and material means, respect of regulation at sea and coastal areas.
This presentation gives an overview of the Wind-Wave-Current platform lead by CLS, in terms of algorithmic improvements, new products, adaptation of the processing chains and infrastructure to Sentinel-1 data, targeted services and user interfaces on a dedicated website. The MCGS Wind-Wave-Current platform together with the VIGISAT receiving station have an important role to play towards the user community, since the Core Ground Segment will distribute standard Wind products, no wave products in TOPS mode, Radial Velocity Products but no Radial Surface Current products and the delivery timeline to users may be too large for operational uses. The presentation will also provide status and programmatic aspects of the project.