A Comprehensive Satellite Portfolio for the Benefit of GMES and of ESA Science Users: Pleiades, Spot, TerraSAR-X
Lampin, Igor1; Weber, Marco2; Salson, Laetitia1; Leduc, CÚcilia1; Rousseau, Nicolas1; Chetail, Nathalie1
1Astrium Geo-information Services, FRANCE; 2Astrium Geo-information Services, GERMANY

Astrium Geo-information Services (ASV-GEO), as a world leader in earth observation satellite imagery, operates a unique portfolio of satellites covering the optical and the radar domains over a wide range of resolution including: Pléïades-1A & 1B and Spot-4 &5 (owned by CNES), Spot-6&7 (owned by EADS Astrium), TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X (owned by DLR and EADS Astrium) and Formosat-2 (owned by NSPO from Taïwan). Pl