Remote Sensing as a Tool to the Management of Spanish Aquatic Ecosystems
Jose Antonio, Domínguez

MERIS allowed us to face the challenge of designing and operational quasy real time system. Its spatial resolution limited its use to big water bodies, which are the most interesting one from the point of view of water management. Although the idea was to use L2 imagery, develop and validate algorithms and start a monitoring system, L1b imagery had to be used since reflectivity values in L2 iamgery were not acceptable.. This meant to develop an acceptable atmospheric correction. Field campaings provided with a data base of physical, chemical and biological parameter which allowed us to develop algorithms to monitor chlorophyll-a concentration and phycocyanin concetration (2000-2007) Cooperation with University of Valencia allowed us to develop a good atmospheric correction in 2008, and since that year we have been producing chlorophyll-a concentration and phycocyanin concetration maps