Ten Years of SCIAMACHY CO Measurements and the Sentinel-5 Precursor Near Future Perspective
Landgraf, Jochen1; Borsdorff, Tobias1; aan de Brugh, Joost1; van Hees, Richard1; de Laat, Jos2; Hu, Haili1; Houweling, Sander1; Hasekamp, Otto1; Aben, Ilse1
1SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, NETHERLANDS; 2KNMI, NETHERLANDS

The loss of contact with ESA's Envisat satellite on 8 April 2012 meant the end of a ten-year successful mission with the SCIAMACHY instrument as part of its payload. In this contribution, we will discuss the ten-year data set of SCIAMACHY nadir radiance measurements in the 2.3 ým spectral range. The interpretation of these shortwave infrared measurements proved to be very challenging as the measurements are affected by an ice layer on the detector as well as detector radiation damage. We will summarize our ten years effort on inferring CO column densities from the SCIAMACHY measurements, data validation and data interpretation. Additionally, we put the SCIAMACHY instrument in the perspective of the TROPOMI instrument on the Sentinel-5 Precursor mission scheduled for launch in 2015. This mission will provide radiance measurements in the same spectral range but with much improved radiometric performance and spatial resolution. The TROPOMI CO data processing thus relies on SCIAMACHY heritage but at the same time anticipates on the improved expected performance of the TROPOMI instrument.