Overview of Results from the ESA Ozone_cci Project
Van Roozendael, Michel1; Braesicke, Peter2; Dameris, Martin3; Lambert, Jean-Christopher1; Loyola, Diego3; van der A, Ronald4; Weber, Mark5; Wolfmueller, Meinhard3; Zehner, Claus6
1Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy, BELGIUM; 2University of Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM; 3German Aerospace Center, GERMANY; 4Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, NETHERLANDS; 5University of Bremen, GERMANY; 6ESA/ESRIN, ITALY

As part of the ESA Climate Change Initiative (CCI) programme, the Ozone_cci project has been developing, characterizing and generating a series of improved ozone column and vertical profile data sets derived from a full suite of satellite sensors, including GOME on ERS-2, SCIAMACHY, MIPAS and GOMOS on ENVISAT, OMI on AURA, GOME-2 on METOP-A, OSIRIS and SMR on ODIN and ACE-FTS on SCISAT-1. We present the Ozone_cci Climate Research Data Package (CRDP) which gathers a number of new data products for total ozone, ozone profiles from nadir UV sensors (low vertical resolution) and from limb/occultation-type (high vertical resolution) of instruments. The presentation highlights the efforts made by the team to build new level-2 and level-3 algorithm baselines, standardise data processing and data reporting and also to deliver a comprehensive error characterization linking to the requirements for ozone measurements defined by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). We summarize the status of the various ongoing assessment exercises making use of the Ozone_cci data sets, and conclude on current achievements at the end of the first phase of the CCI programme. We also identify the remaining gaps and outline our plans for the second phase of the CCI.