The EnMAP-Box - a Toolbox for Imaging Spectroscopy Data Analysis and a Programming Interface for Application Development
van der Linden, Sebastian; Rabe, Andreas; Jakimow, Benjamin; Held, Matthias; Leitao, Pedro; Hostert, Patrick
Humboldt-Universitaet Berlin, GERMANY

With the advent of EnMAP and the Sentinels remote sensing will enter a new era. An increased exchange of standardized, robust and well tested applications will be needed to make best use of future data products. Many scientifically successful algorithms are either limited to exclusive groups of users or their usage requires transformations between data formats, esepcially in the field of machine learning. Regular remote sensing software packages usually do not offer such state-of-the-art developments. To overcome these limitations the EnMAP-Box marks a corner stone in Germany's national EnMAP pre-launch program. Applications in this toolbox ensure powerful analysis of remote sensing data, especially imaging spectroscopy data. The EnMAP-Box offers a freely available and platform independent software environment for the handling of highly resolved spectral data. It includes applications such as support vector classification/regression, random forests classification/regression, partial least squares regression, as well as a flexible and advanced image calculator and other basic tools. To make the EnMAP-Box an evolving toolbox and enhance the exchange of new developments between users an application programming interface - the so-called hubAPI - has been developed and can be downloaded with the box itself. It offers user-friendly pre-programmed code to make the implementation of new developments under standardized conditions as easy as possible (e.g. the design of wrapper approaches for arbitrary algorithms). Applications from the EnMAP-Box can be used in IDL/ENVI. EnMAP-Box and hubAPI have been used and successfully tested by different developers at various institutions and during events like EnMAP Summer Schools. They are available at In our contribution we introduce users to key aspects of the EnMAP-Box and hubAPI to this way allow an easy access to first steps with the software.