Polar View - A Catalyst for Collaboration and Sustainability
Puestow, Thomas

Polar View has become an international network composed of more than 90 service providers, core users, system partners and expert consultants from 17 countries that delivers information required by organizations and individuals concerned with operations, policy development, and environmental preservation in the Earth's Polar Regions and other areas affected by snow and ice. Throughout its operation, Polar View has been an efficient catalyst for cooperation (e.g. international, public-private partnerships), for the use of Earth Observation (EO) technology, and for the dissemination of knowledge and information related to EO and polar issues. Generating significant benefits to users, ESA and the EU, funding countries and the EO community at large, Polar View has had a manifest impact on the economy, environment and security in Polar Regions.

Polar View has allowed service providers to their product range, open new markets and increase their client base. Polar View has lent credibility and visibility to services, provided opportunities for leverage and accelerated pathways to full economic sustainability. End users adopting Polar View services have increased the efficiency of their respective operations, increased the level of national and international collaboration with peer groups, raised the profile of their activities within their own organizations and improved the ability to carry out their mandates. ESA has profited from increased dialogue with users of Polar View services and the demonstrated contribution EO-based services have made to address European public policy concerns. Benefits to the funding countries of Polar View include increased levels of regional cooperation and positive operational and economic impacts for users and service providers in their respective countries along lines of national policy priorities. Polar View services have had a significant, positive impact on indigenous communities across the Arctic and their ability to secure traditional livelihoods and successfully adapt to the changing ice regime. Services provided under Polar View have also increased the efficiency and safety of transportation in ice-impacted national and international waters in the Arctic and Antarctic

In order to carry forward the significant momentum generated by Polar View and facilitate the continued collaboration of its members within a formalized network, Polar View was formally incorporated under the name Polar View Earth Observation Ltd. in the UK as of October 28, 2011. It is the continuing mission of Polar View to provide, through its members, efficient and effective operational monitoring services of the world's Polar Regions and other areas affected by snow and ice, and supply decision makers with critical information pertaining to the environment, the economy and safety. Because of the size and remoteness of the targeted areas, Polar View services are primarily relying on EO technologies.