Tectonophysics Characterization of Colombia from satellite gravimetry.
Vásquez, Alejandra; Vásquez Castillo, Maira; Pardo López, Yerson; Obando, Gloria
Servicio Geológico Colombiano, COLOMBIA

For over fifty years in Colombia has worked in the construction of maps detailing in precision gravity anomalies that account for the mass distribution along the Colombia purposes today, prospective. Topography maps, free air anomaly Bouguer anomaly from Colombia's total satellite acquisition presented are the result of data processing in a free web portals through authorized for distribution. Data were downloaded, organized into flat files and processed in specialized software for the treatment of this type of information. Two topographic maps were generated, the first with data coming from source satellite (TOPEX) and the second radar source (ETOPO1) allowing to distinguish and analyze the main differences between these two bases. Gravity data are product procurement project satellite TOPEX / POSEIDON and values ​​are given in free air anomalies with an accuracy of 0.1 mGal. From this data was calculated the total Bouguer anomaly correction based on topographic also obtained from the previously mentioned topography. Following on from the results of the Bouguer anomaly map total, Tectonophysics interpretation was performed for understanding the dynamics and geomorphology of the region.