Use of Observations in MACC-II
Peuch, Vincent-Henri

Atmospheric composition is the target of MACC-II (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate, Phase 2), the EU-FP7 project currently delivering the pre-operational Copernicus Atmospheric Services. MACC-II builds on global models of reactive and greenhouse gases and aerosols together with European air quality models. Observations from satellites and in situ networks on trace gases, particles, fires are assimilated and used for repeated validation.

MACC-II produces long re-analysis or flux inversion time series for climate analysis which combine the knowledge in the models (processes) and the observations. Atmospheric ECVs from ESA's Climate Change Initiative (CCI) for ozone, methane, carbon dioxide, and aerosols are under investigation for their potential use in MACC, including their associated uncertainty information.

The paper will give an overview of observation use in MACC-II and discuss the added value of the assimilated time series. Interaction with CCI projects will be summarized.