Sentinel-3 OLCI Instrument Development and Product Overview
Nieke, Jens1; Goryl, Philippe2; Kwiatkowska, Ewa3; Borde, Franck1; Borde, Franck1; Mavrocordatos, Constantin1; Mavrocordatos, Constantin1

The Sentinel-3 Ocean & Land Colour Imager (OLCI) is a high accuracy visible near-infrared optical payload for the Sentinel 3 component of the GMES mission, to provide climatological data continuity with the previous ESA Envisat mission as well as to facilitate operational GMES services. OLCI is based on the successful opto-mechanical and imaging design of ENVISAT MERIS. The instrument is a quasi- autonomous, self contained, push-broom imaging spectrometer and incorporates significant improvements when compared to MERIS, i.e., more spectral bands, 300 m full global resolution over land and ocean, sun-glint reduction, and 2-day revisit time in a two-satellite configuration.
In this paper the status of the OLCI design, first test results and their basic performance parameters will be introduced. Further, an overview of ongoing L1 and L2 data product developments is given.